Who we are

For more than 80 years, Officine Vica has worked with metal – with cast iron, steel and aluminium. Leader in the production of mechanical components, we are constantly at the heart of the automotive, agriculture and industrial machines markets. But that’s not enough. Officine Vica follows its customers with dedication and care, working with them in each step to develop a product: from designing to prototyping, to finally creating the finished part, Officine Vica is there.

Officine Vica preserves and updates constantly the best techniques to produce mechanical components, selecting the best suppliers and the best raw materials. Since 1936 we serve our customers, from the smallest to the largest one, to offer services and products of the best quality. We are close to who designs, builds and delivers agriculture machines. We are side by side with trucks of every dimension along each kilometer of road traveled. We follow cars towards a future of new energies and new materials. We look further away every day, towards a future even more global, in a perfect union between tradition and innovation, which make Officine Vica unique.


The Company, founded in 1936, has constantly worked in the mechanical processing.
First for the aeronautical sector, then in the automotive and industrial vehicle sectors; always and exclusively for the original equipment of vehicles.

In 1958, the company structure was modified, assuming the structure that remains today.
With the contribution of new entrepreneurial skills, characterized by a strong dynamism, began the expansion of the company with a progression still in place.

The Company is founded, producing components for aeronautics.
The Company expands into new sectors: automotive and industrial vehicles.
New corporate structure, still in charge today.
OV enters the agricultural sector.
The Company becomes a leader in the making of automotive components.
New plant and organization of plants for process lines.
Factory in Poland (EmiPoland).
New managerial structure.
Joint Venture in Tunisia: Tanit Milling


Constantly searching for different materials, volumes, applications, and technologies: Officine Vica has become over the years a leader in managing a wide range of products and customers also thanks to its streamline but well-structured organization.
With the aim of being able to meet the constantly changing demands in incredibly short times, Officine Vica has provided all the plants with working stations capable of high flexibility and competitiveness in processing a wide range of materials (aluminium, cast iron, steel) with volumes that can vary from a few dozen per month to thousands of parts per day and with weights ranging from few grams to hundreds of kilograms.


Since 1936 we are part of your mechanical solution.

Since 1936 we are part of your mechanical solution. OFFICINE VICA S.p.A. has been constantly dealing with original equipment processes in the field of mechanical machining, from automotive and commercial vehicles to the agricultural machinery industry. Over the years we have build a solid expertise and know-how on working with different materials (cast iron, aluminium, steel). For every of our business units our mission is to support the customer in all phases of product development: from design to testing through prototyping , to end with everything related to mass production, logistics, packaging, protection. Our expertise for your mechanical solution!