Rapidity of action, development of innovative products with a clear mission, customer support in every step of the product’s life cycle.

Our company was founded in 1936 and since then it has been constantly dealing with original equipment processes in the field of mechanical machining, ranging from aeronautic, to automotive and commercial vehicles industry.
The present corporate structure is the result of the changes implemented in 1958.
New business skills and dynamism are key factors to our company’s continuous and steady expansion.

Flexibility of the company

Constantly searching for different materials, volumes, applications, and technologies: Officine Vica has become over the years a leader in managing a wide range of products and customers also thanks to its streamline but well-structured organization.
With the aim of being able to meet the constantly changing demands in incredibly short times, Officine Vica has provided all the plants with working stations capable of high flexibility and competitiveness in processing a wide range of materials (aluminium, cast iron, steel) with volumes that can vary from a few dozen per month to thousands of parts per day and with weights ranging from few grams to hundreds of kilograms.
A solid planning together with an accurate organization allow the company to keep under control a great amount of work, consists of almost a thousand different product codes.
If the production volume and the kind of processing required are appropriate, Officine Vica “tailors” a made-to-measure production process that includes dedicated lines and true transfer methods able to enhance productivity and increase cost efficiency with the scope of a more effective competitiveness.

Our story

The Company is established to machine components for aeronautics.

The Company opens to new fields: passenger cars and truck industry.

New shareholder structure, currently ongoing nowadays

Expansion of agricultural business.

Expansion of appliances business.

Becomes a leading company in the supply of mechanical components for automotive application.

New plant built and organization of plants by processes.

New management structure.

New customers and market acquisition and establishment of Poland plant (EmiPOLAND).

Officine Vica celebrates 80 years of history


While celebrating our 80th anniversary, we have implemented a renewing process that is leading to a clearer definition of our core values. Such values represent the passion we pour into our work.