Officine Vica Plants are homogeneous for production processes, in order to optimize logistics and process flow. This promotes also the development of a robust Company Philosophy orientated to Quality and Productivity.

Plant 1
Prismatic lathes
Vertical and 5 axis machining centers
Plant 2
Centerless grinders
Horizontal machining centers
Plant 3
Horizontal machining centers
Plant 4
Complesso a trasferta
Plant 5
Lathes from bar
Induction heat treatment
Plant 6
Tool shop
Plant 7
Washing and finishing ops
Assemply lines
Plant 8
Horizontal Machine Centers
Lathing Machines
Rolling Machines e 3-D Measure Machines for Quality Inspection.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

In its plants, Officine Vica performs all the main metal cutting processes and more, in order to operate with the peak of flexibility and maintain the control throughout the whole production process.